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Arctic Rich is a Financial Technology Company.


Arctic Rich offers tailored financial solutions for individuals through authentic knowledge-base, information and technology to help build a happy and prosperous life.


Arctic Rich specializes in time and money saving services. Arctic Rich clients are able to save from everyday expenses simply by being aware of the different options available in today's market and how the system operates. Arctic Rich offers a highly sophisticated support platform which put their clients at par with their respective counterparts - creating a level playing field with whom they engage every time they open their wallet.   

By taking a holistic approach to a person’s financial position, Arctic Rich balances between short-term priorities and long-term sustainability. Over time, the savings, although small, begin to grow like a snowball with intelligent investments. 

Arctic Rich offers information and analytics only to facilitate building tailored solutions around products and technology available in today’s marketplace but does not endorse, promote, sell or distribute any financial or technological product or services. Nor does Arctic Rich share, distribute or sell client information in any form to any one, except obligated by legal or regulatory requirements.

Only source of earnings of Arctic Rich is their clients, enabling them to offer authentic and unbiased insights - solely in their client’s best interest. 


Arctic Rich offers all-inclusive service for an affordable flat monthly fee of $10.  

Begin anywhere

No matter where you stand, there always a way forward.   

Pay as you go

Enjoy the all-inclusive one low flat price with no term contract. 

Your data is protected

Secure your information with the global technology leaders.  

Client Testimonials

"Arctic Rich got my attention from the start. They focus on average Canadians and serve to realize their financial aspirations with utmost sincerity in a market place, where no serious player exists. Arctic Rich would certainly be a great service to our community because financial matters are often at the root of our everyday challenges".   


                                                                                                                               -  Entrepreneur and Client, Arctic Rich


"Arctic Rich is a futuristic Financial Technology Company. In coming days, we will make more financial choices online. I like Arctic Rich because it presents all my options in a simple way, which I can easily understand - analyzed and interpreted just for me. I do not know anyone else who does it.“

                                                                                                                               - IT Professional and Client, Arctic Rich

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Save $5,000-$15,000 a year for $10 monthly fee



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